Facade cladding

As well as being a very important architectural and construction element, facade cladding is starting to play a more prominent role in terms of decor.

Given its growing aesthetic importance in architectural projects, the search for materials for facade cladding is directed at those that can offer the required excellent technical properties, along with beautiful designs and finishes that add value to the property and the project as a whole.

What is the best cladding for facades?

The best material for cladding facades is undoubtedly technical stone. It not only provides unbeatable technical and aesthetic properties, but is also ideally suited to the most common systems of facade cladding: the ventilated facade and adhered slabs facade.

Technical stone slabs far outperform any other materials used for facade cladding.

The numerous advantages it provides include low maintenance; protection against the weather—both heat and water and moisture; high resistance to UV rays and atmospheric agents; and acoustic insulation and energy savings, when used in a ventilated facade system. All while remaining aesthetically and functionally intact over the years and in the face of harsh external conditions.

Facade cladding

Functions of technical stone facade cladding

Going for a technical stone facade cladding yields countless advantages - at a technical level, when it comes to improving the well-being of the users of the building or house, and at a decorative level, thanks to the wide range of options and finishes available.

From the thermal and acoustic insulation provided by slabs facades, to the ease of installation or changing slabs (with the ventilated facade), there are numerous advantages, depending on the system chosen for the facade cladding.

The two most popular systems when planning this type of construction element are the traditional slabsd facade and the ventilated facade, a more modern but well-established system that offers major functional and construction benefits. The system to be used thus depends on the type of facade planned, which each one providing specific construction benefits.

Facade cladding

slabs for exterior facades

The best all-round material on the market and the best suited for use in ventilated and adhered facades, technical stone slabs have become a firm favourite among architects when it comes to carrying out this type of project.

Coverlam's Design and Innovation Departments have managed to develop a material that incorporates the countless technical advantages mentioned above, while providing a range of collections that cover all types of styles, offering a catalogue that can meet the requirements of any facade cladding project.

Facade cladding

Ventilated facades

The ventilated facade is undoubtedly the most innovative construction system for cladding facades and the one that offers the most advantages thanks to its characteristic air cavity, which creates a physical gap between the exterior part of the facade and the interior wall of the building. The ventilated facade thus offers certain technical qualities that are far superior to those of any other system available on the market, and that have a direct impact on the well-being of the users of the homes or buildings.

These advantages include its excellent thermal performance, both in winter (preventing heat loss to the outside), and in summer (preventing heat from penetrating the building). Since the ventilated facade system helps increase the efficiency of the building, it generates significant energy savings for the consumer, reducing the use of air conditioning by up to 35%. Moreover, there is the acoustic improvement, with a reduction of noise from outside of up to 20%.

Furthermore, of all the materials used for the cladding of ventilated facades, technical stone is considered the most attractive option by architecture and construction professionals due to the technical advantages mentioned above, and the endless range of available designs. Regarding the former, another attribute of the ventilated facade clad with large-format, ultra-thin Coverlam—and one which is highly valued by construction professionals—is that it is easy to install and replace pieces.

Lightweight Coverlam makes this system quicker to complete and, in the event of damage to one of the pieces, any repairs needed can be done quickly and easily.

In terms of aesthetics, Coverlam offers an extensive catalogue of designs and styles that can suit all types of ventilated facade projects. These range from elegant monochromes and modern designs such as metal or cement, to ultra-realistic wood-effect, stone-effect or marble-effect collections, all firm favourites in the most cutting-edge projects.

Facade cladding

slabsd facades: adhered cladding system

These days, adhered cladding is the most common type of facade cladding. This option is very practical, quick and simple to install, providing an attractive finish that raises the value of the home.

In addition, technical stone slabs used in facade cladding require little maintenance and are very stable, with no risk of fissures, cracks or falling pieces. Like the ventilated facade, this type also provides thermal and acoustic insulation that directly impacts the quality of life of users.

Facade cladding

Modern facade cladding

Modern facade designs call for an extremely versaslabs material that is easy to cut and handle, and that can be adapted to suit designs for both ventilated and adhered facades.

It is not only avant-garde projects that need these features in the material chosen for the facade cladding; this choice can significantly influence the end result of the property as a whole, whatever its style.

Thanks to Coverlam's unique manufacturing process, facades can be clad with large-format lightweight, ultra-thin slabs (from 3.5 mm), which still provide excellent mechanical and aesthetic properties.

These qualities make it easy to cut and handle the material, and mean that Coverlam is versaslabs enough to be used with any shape of building or home; a highly-valued, all-round construction solution for cladding modern facades and renovating buildings.

Price of technical stone facade cladding

If you need personalized advice on Coverlam for facade cladding in your upcoming projects, do not hesitate to contact us here; our Technical and Sales Department will be happy to help you and address any doubts you may have.