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Grespania continues its constant growth by expanding a new production line in its plant for large format sheets in Moncofar, Castellón, with an approximate investment of around €25,000,000. constant growth through the expansion of a new production line at their large format sheet plant in Moncofar, Castellón, with a approximate investment of about 25.000.000 €.

This increase in production capacity, aimed at formats of up to 1620x3240 mm in size and thicknesses from 5.6 mm to 20 mm, consists of an expansion of the storage and reception of atomized powder; of a new line that includes a press, drying room, glazing and oven; and a new line for meshing, sorting, sorting and packaging the plates. 1620×3240 mm in size and thicknesses ranging from 5.6 mm to 20 mm, It consists of an expansion of storage and reception of atomized powder; a new line including a press, dryer, glazing, and kiln; and a new line for mesh, selection, classification, and packaging of the plates.

This new line has been designed to further minimize, if possible, the impact on the environment. In addition to having the latest energy saving measures (inverters, heat recovery, etc.), an on-site waste recycling plant will be installed, so that the waste generated there is reused. plant, without having to go through an external manager. minimize "Even more, if possible, the" impact on the environment. Additionally, having the latest measures at the level of Energy savings (Inverters, heat recovery systems, etc.), a recycling plant will be installed on-site to reuse the waste generated in the same plant without the need for an external manager.

The project, scheduled for completion in early 2023, will mean a yearly increase in large-format production of 850,000m2for the group. The aim is to accelerate the process of bringing products to market and further improve the service provided to customers, helping meet the requirements of the current plant in line with Industry 4.0 and to continue working on circular economy.