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from 28th to 30th March

The great versatility of large-format sheets as a construction material has made its way into interior design and architecture projects until it has become the favorite format among professionals.
Coverlam(1) from Grespania is an innovative product manufactured with natural raw materials that offers mechanical and aesthetic properties superior to those of any conventional covering material.

Coverlam Top is a natural, recyclable, sustainable product. Manufactured from natural raw materials, the Coverlam Top technical stone countertops are resistant to knocks, scratches and high temperatures, making them the ideal option for exacting kitchen projects. Thanks to these excellent technical features

Ultra-resistant and very durable, the Coverlam Top kitchen countertops by Grespania also have a water-resistant and antibacterial surface; thanks to its low porosity, this material is resistant to stains, providing a hygienic countertop free from bacteria and mould. This stain resistance also ensures a surface that is cleaner and easier to maintain, essential qualities that are increasingly in demand when it comes to kitchen countertops. Another desirable quality of Coverlam Top is its resistance to acids and household cleaning products, which guarantees that the surface of the kitchen countertop remains unchanged—an issue that affects other countertop materials such as marble or wood.

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